Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rama-Macron meeting, ex-minister raises suspicions: The company where the French president worked received from Rama tender 1 million euros


Former Justice Minister Ylli Manjani raises doubts that Rama's meeting with French President Emanuel Macron could be mediated by a company that recently won a 1 Million-euro tender from the Albanian government.

According to Manjani, "Rothschild & Cie" has received a tender to consult the Ministry of Finance to reduce public debt. In this company, years ago, French President Macron worked. Rama himself said today that he had met with Elysee's boss after a personal letter that Macron had started. That's what Manjani writes.

1 million euros from taxes for a meeting with Macron! The company "Rothschild & Cie" will consult the government on how to reduce the debt !!! What science is this that requires consultancy, the Albanian Government  knows! Meanwhile, the debt increased by 1 million ... From a search on google, this company was working on Macron ... After the tender, the meeting comes ... Come on, we're accepting a meeting for that money, but did you solve it? That seems to be a recommendation not for the EU, but for the hospital ...

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