Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kosovo Assembly speaker threatens Serbia "not to come back"

(EPA, file, illustration purposes)
Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli on Monday spoke at a gathering to honor the victims of "the Racak massacre," the website KoSSev has reported.


According to the report, citing the daily Lajmi, Veseli said that there can be "no international justice without justice for Racak," and that "the Racak massacre is a disgrace of international justice."

"January is a month of great pains, and the village of Racak suffered for Kosovo's freedom. Years go by, but the memory and the greatness of that day will never be forgotten. The battle for justice for Racak is not over," he said, according to the website.

Referring to Nis, a town in the southern part of central Serbia, Veseli said:

"Serbia should not try to come back, because we will not stop until Nis. This country will remain free, independent, and sovereign. Any kind of endangering will receive a deserved response from all Albanians wherever they live."

The Racak operation was used to launch NATO's 1999 bombing of Serbia. President Aleksandar Vucic last year described the "Racak case" as "a fabrication used as the reason to start a big conflict."

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