Monday, February 20, 2017

Thaci to Russia: "Recognize Kosovo, make it easy on Serbia"

Pristina (Tanjug, file)
Hashim Thaci has asked Moscow to see beyond Serbia's interests when it consideres its "relations with Kosovo" and - "not to compare them with Crimea."


According to Tanjug, this has been reported on Monday by the public broadcaster in Kosovo, RTK.

"Russia should recognize Kosovo and in that way ease the burden that Serbia carries," Thaci, who serves as Kosovo's president, told a meeting of parliamentary foreign affairs committees taking place in Pristina.

He also called on the remaining EU countries who have not done so to recognize Kosovo.

According to Thaci - the proclamation of independence of Kosovo "was not unilateral" - instead, he explained, it was coordinated with "international partners."

Previously on Monday, media reports said that Thaci addressed Spain with a recognition plea - this time stressing that Spain's own separatist movements were in no way related to the one in Serbia's southern province of Kosovo.

Thaci's efforts came days after the 9th anniversary of the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo, which Serbia continues to consider a violation of its Constitution, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Spain is one of five EU's 28 member-states that have not recognized the territory as an independent state, while in the UN Security Council, Russia is joined by China in ignoring the proclamation. However, the United States, France, and Britain recognized Kosovo as independent shortly after the February 17, 2008 proclamation was made in Pristina.

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