Friday, February 24, 2017

Albania: 7th day of anti-government demonstrations at Tirana


Feb, 24 2017

The leader of the main opposition party in Albania, Lulzim Basha, openly called the Albanian people to actively resist against any injustice is done to them by the authorities. “Tear the tires of their cars, break their windows of anyone is punishing you unjustly!” he said and he added referring to the government “if you want war, you will have it!” The statements were triggered by the presence of the big number of police forces that were securing the area of the demonstration.

The outcry in Albania has lasted seven days so far and it has been caused by the under the table collaboration of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s government if the Albanian Mafia and the utilization of the authorities for the support of these illegal activities.

The opposition called and “promised” an even bigger demonstration in Tirana demanding elections at June to be organized by a transitional government.

The political climate of the last days was fired up even further, by statements of the western organizations. Bernd Borchardt of the OSCE during a live panel, mentioned that there are around 2bn “dirty” Euro in Albania that come from drug trafficking which could be used for the upcoming elections. He later tried to correct this statement by saying he was referring to the 2013 elections where the current opposition was on power.

Also, the Head of Anti-organized crime Department of the Italian police, during his visit these days in Albania mentioned that drug trafficking from Albania to Italy has tripled and the money is used for the funding of Islamist organizations.

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