Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sertic: Albania ignores protocols to stop importing Serbian drugs
Published: Nov 12, 2014 

BELGRADE – Serbian Economy Minister Zeljko Sertic said Wednesday that Albania had passed a law at the beginning of September limiting imports of drugs and medications of all types from Serbia into Albania, a move ignoring all protocols and agreements signed between the two countries.

 This means that our two biggest pharmaceutical companies, Galenika and Hemofarm, will no longer be able export a total of 110 products that have been registered or are pending registration for sale in their market, Sertic said at a panel on Serbian exports at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. 

It is a huge financial minus for both companies and Serbia will not allow Albania to introduce rules aimed at destroying part of the Serbian economy, stressed Sertic. The economy minister said that he had brought up the issue during Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s visit to Belgrade a few days before.

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