Sunday, November 9, 2014

Greece: 80% of the population trust the Army, Police

Only 8% they believe the Politic parties, 9% mas media, but 70% trust the police

The Latest  of «Public Issue» estimates come to the media in Greece, with 80% of citizens surveyed saying they do not trust, at the same time that 76% do not trust or TV, political parties with 79% stating that 'probably do not trust them "and just 11% saying they" rather trust ".

At the same time, 68% say they generally trust the Parliament as an institution. The banks could not be missed from the list, collecting 72% lack confidence.

Army Simultaneously, social polarization has created distinctly reflected in the parallel increase social support for both state apparatuses (army, police), but as the institutions of unmediated popular sovereignty (people / citizens, social movements). 

More specifically, the impressive rate of 80% said they "somewhat trust" the army, 70% gives 'vote of confidence' in the police and 40% in the Secret Servis. In addition, a 67% indicates the confidence in people in general, 50% trust the movements, 48% Justice 42%  the internet. Information from

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