Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stopping illegal constructions
 Stopping illegal constructions
Stopping illegal constructions The Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, declared that anyone who builds illegally and every company that offers services to them will be criminally prosecuted.

The Interior Minister appealed builders, workers and transporters that if they will offer their services to an illegal building, they will face legal consequences.

The State Police will investigate the assets of illegl buildrs. “The Police will administer all construction permits given by local governments and all legalization practices. Every construction will go under the police inspection, and any illegal activity will be prosecuted, and the assets of the builders will be audited”, Tahiri underlined.

Tahiri appeals citizens to call 129 for any illegal construction.

DP: Government is allowing environmental destruction
“The Prime Minister declared yesterday that crime against environment is like a murder. We are reporting today a murder 100 meters from the Prime Minister’s house”.

The DP has vowed to report what they call cases of giving selective construction permits to people close with the government. According to the Democratic Party, this is the case of a construction in Surrel, Dajti commune.

“This construction is being made by the closest person to the Minister, Erion Veliaj, 100 meters from the new house of the Prime Minister. These hills had trees three months ago, but now they have another look”, declared Ervin Salianji, coordinator for legal assistance at the DP.

The DP reported as propaganda the public determination of Prime Minister Rama to not allow illegal constructions.

“The residents have complained and have found a deaf ear. The DP will report ths selective demolition of buildings, and every construction made with the blessing and protection of the Prime Minister. This is the Rama standard”, he declared.

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