Monday, April 28, 2014

New administrative division: The people of Himara, prepares for protests

Deadline, is leaving date May 19, in which the Commission at the Administrative Division, will host people opposite version

Himara is an administrative unit comprising, not related infrastructure and ethnic composition proposal

Planetarium Commission for the new administrative division of Albania, has started the process, which will operate for two months , and then will propose to parliament for a vote.

But the specific proposals , is that the Himara Municipality , is involved with an administrative unit, Kuc , which has nothing in common with the Himara Region. The separation specialists, are based on the inclusion of Himara, for nationalistic reasons and not for the particulars of the region, taking into account any historical reference, infrastructure, ethnic and religious .

The first reaction came from NGOs representing the Himara Region. All NGOs in the Diaspora , have expressed through the media , that will organize mass protests, to oppose the inclusion of the Himara Region, as a unit together with abutting the regions have nothing to do with history and ethnic composition of the area . 
Deadline, is leaving date May 19, will also mark a protest in Himara , in the following days , to show determination to stay unique , in the new administrative division, which is provided in the proposed project, but also on the basis of Constitution of Albania.

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