Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Albania to establishment of a new Security Agency within the Prime Minister

TIRANA - executive will soon rise at a new facility, which will collect information from security institutions in the country and after filtration , they will be distributed to other institutions.

This was announced by Deputy / Foreign Minister Sokol Dervish, who said that the establishment of this new link to the Government is involved in a new project of the National Security Strategy, which will go for review and approval in the Assembly .

"It turns out that there is a gap in our communication between institution for security. There are some institutions that have not only on the placements are not or do not have backup specialized institutional support to meet their goals, "said the Dervish .

According to him , "information institutions especially those dealing with national security is fragmented and biased institution in the sense that each side does its work but independently".

"There are a permanent structure, analytical executive power in order to inform , to produce specialized information filtered to produce coordinated information within the meaning of the confrontation of several sources to arrive at a conclusion which is then made ​​available to the institutions you decision making to make appropriate decisions to give them appropriate advice , " said the deputy Albanian Foreign Minister/ during his speech at the Foreign Committee in the Assembly.

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