Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nishani visited Prishtina: Dialogue with Serbia is the only efficient means
President Bujar Nishani stated in Prishtina that Kosovo's independence is irreversible and it is also an important factor of regional peace and stability.

The Head of State of Albania made the comments at the start of his first official visit to Kosovo, after the meeting he had with Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga.

President Nishani said that the removal of Kosovo's supervised independence is a historical moment that opens a new road to Kosovo, to its citizens, in the consolidation of state and institutions, as well as in the development of democracy and economic prosperity.

Speaking about dialogue with Serbia, the President said that Albania supports the agenda of Kosovo institutions, while adding that dialogue is the most efficient and successful means to solve open issues between countries.

'Free, independent, democratic and sovereign Kosovo is today not only an irreversible reality, but also an indispensable factor for peace, stability and economic development all over the Balkans region. Albania has always supported and continues to support all the commitments of Kosovo institutions in their contacts, negotiations and communications. The dialogue is today the most efficient, the most successful and the most European means to handle all problems that may arise between two different countries or states,' President Nishani stated.

'We agreed that border between our two countries must be a European one which unites people, enabling thus a free communication and an exploitation of our resources, through concrete programs. This year the construction work for the nation's highway 'Ibrahim Rugova' is due to end in all Prishtina-Durrës segment. This will help to increase the commercial exchanges and the goods flow. The emerging of the Republic of Kosovo in Albania's ports is of the utmost importance for the distribution of our products, but also for the economic connection with all the countries of the world,' President Jahjaga stated.

President Nishani met with Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and Speaker of Parliament Jakup Krasniqi, as well as with LDK Leader, Isa Mustafa, Self-Determination Movement Head Albin Kurti, AAK Deputy Chairman Blerim Shala and the Chairman of the Serbian Liberal Party, Kosovo Deputy PM, Sllobodan Petroviç.

Nishani paid homages near the grave of Kosovo's Historical President Ibrahim Rugova and paid a visit to his family.

In the second day of his stay in Kosovo, Nishani is due to pay homages next to the grave of the Legendary KLA Commander Adem Jashari and next to the Martyrs' Cemetery in Deçan, where he is due to stay for a while at the Jasharajs' Tower and at the house of the father of former PM Ramush Haradinaj.

President of Albania will conclude his visit to Kosovo with a visit at the Albanian League of Prizren and at the Sinan Pasha's Mosque in the city.

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