Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breaking news

Beaten and send to the Vlora hospital, a citizen from Himara by a paramilitary group

Beb Varfi, is admitted in the hospital of Vlora, in serious condition, was attacked in his restaurant by a vagabond group, coming from a disco in Jali

Attempted to repeat the "Guma`s Case"

Looks like they are going in silence, but in fact, specialized groups are taking appropriate information about an incident with ethnic influences in Himara, on Saturday evening.

According to sources from Himara, on Saturday evening, in the restaurant, near the Harbor of Himara, has come a speed boat with a group dressed in uniform.

Immediately they have argued with the owner of the restaurant, Beb Varfi, a citizen of Himara, and then have badly beaten, in the presence of all the tourists.

According to non-public information, the group of men in uniform, belonged to a big Disco in Jali, who are members of a private police Company, after injured the owner from Himara, left to Jali, without being bothered by local police station.

But the event has taken dramatic proportions, which according to some rumors, threaten to repeat the case of Aristotle Guma. So far, none of the Albanian media has not published the news as it comes to a media censorship, and citizen of Himara, is still gravely, in Vlora Hospital.

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