Saturday, May 5, 2012

Montenegrins protest against govt., PM

PODGORICA -- A protest walk started at noon in Podgorica over difficult social and economic situation in Montenegro.
From a previous protest in Podgorica (Vijesti, file)
From a previous protest in Podgorica (Vijesti, file)
According to announcements, the protesters will call on Prime Minister Igor Lukšić to resign.
The protest was organized by the Association of Free Trade Unions (USS), Network for Non-Government Sector Affirmation (MANS) and Student’s Union (SU). Several thousands of people are attending the protest.

The organizers said that they would once again call on the prime minister to resign “because he has shown that he is not capable or willing to fight against corruption and organized crime”.

This is the third large protest that has been organized by USS, MANS and SU since the beginning of the year.

Lukšić said earlier that that the government was doing the best it could and assessed that the fact that the protests were held showed democratic maturity of the Montenegrin society.

He noted that the citizens would be able to assess the work of the current government in the next parliamentary elections.

Electricity, excise goods and fuel prices have gone up since the beginning of the year and struggling citizens fear that prices of other products and services could also be raised.

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