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The President of Albania Honors Zenel Gjokela

Labis Hero against ottoman empire

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President Honors Zenel Gjokela
The Albanian President, Bamir Topi, together with his cabinet, was present in the commemoration ceremony for the 160th anniversary of the death of Zenel Hito Gjoleka. The ceremony was organized by the Kuc village, where Gjoleka was from, and the patriotic cultural association “Laberia” and “Kuci Brotherhood”.

Present in this ceremony was the Parliament vice Speaker, Namik Dokle, MPs, the Supreme State Audit, Bujar Leskaj, the Kosovo Minister of Security Forces, Agim Ceku, the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, Bajram Kosumi, the Mayor of Vlore, Shpetim Gjika, and representatives of the local administration, artists, famous intellectual figures of the area, etc.

After the visit at the Martyr’s cemetery in Kuc, the President placed wreaths at the monument of Zenel Gjoleka, a work of sculptor Zeqir Alizoti. Zenel Gjoleka was a commander of the rebel forces between the Kurvelesh, Chameria, Delvina, Gjirokaster and Vlore areas, which demanded Albania’s unification as an ethnic entity within the Osman Empire, with joint interests, regardless of religion or origin.

“It’s not by chance that we have today public figures coming from all Albanian lands, and not occasionally they have chosen to come at your celebration, at our celebration, at the celebration of everyone. In respect for the immortal work of Gjoleka, and for everything that you, your parents and your predecessors have given for Albania and the national issue”, President Topi declared in his speech.

By the end of his speech, President Topi honored Zenel Gjoleka with the order “Nation’s Honor”. The decoration was handed over to the representative of the family, the nephew of Zenel Gjoleka, Besfort Gjoleka.

The President then followed a folkloric concert with characteristic interpretations of the area, with the participation of artists like Mirush Kabashi and Kastriot Tusha.   

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