Thursday, June 2, 2011

Albanian Military News

134 officers of the Albanian Armed Forces retire in reserve

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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 16:06

134 Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels and Majors, who served in the Albanian Armed Forces, have retired in reserve, after meeting the legal and sublegal terms.
Defence Minister, Mr. Arben Imami, with the order no. 930, dated 27.05.2011, “On the retirement in reserve of active officers”, based on article 102, paragraph 4 of the Constitution, article 19, paragraph 2 and 13 of Law no. 8671, dated 26.10.2000, “On the Attributions and Authorities of the Strategic Conduct of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania”, amended, on article 11, article 24, paragraph 1, letter “a” and paragraph 2 of Law no. 9171, dated 22.01.2004, “On the ranks and military career in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania”, has drawn in reserve 134 active servicemen of the Armed Forces, after having met the criteria of service in the Armed Forces.

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