Monday, May 30, 2011

Oliver Ivanovic: Pristina provokes the north

Oliver Ivanoviç
Oliver Ivanovic, the secretary for Kosovo in the Serbian government has stated that the political actions and statements of Pristina for the north have exacerbated the citizens there, and they have caused unrest.

Citizens of northern consider as unacceptable the political statements and actions coming from Pristina for the north. This statements just provoke and subvert the situation. People that live there must not to be provoked, because this may have consequences," so said Ivanovic in an interview for "Zeri".

Referring to recent initiatives of the Government to turn the legality in that part, he said that the actions and words can be dangerous in the north.

The Kosovo officials did not want to comment for the statement of Ivanovic,but they still say that have to put rule of law and order in the north of Kosovo.

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