Saturday, February 12, 2011

Registering property in Ionian coast by OSCE, in Himara Region, the situation alarming

The Himara Municipality, includes in the project, the Communist Law 7501 and the state urges it ownership in Himara

The Albanian state, gets arbitrarily by Himara, about 82% of the territory with a law by parliament

Himara NGO: Albanian state, otherwise to prove any property in Himara Region, where it, purchased land!

Himara - A representation of NGOs from abroad Himara, are hosted in The Himara Municipality, from its chairman Vasil Bolanos, in connection with the process initiated by the OSCE for reregistration process of land and properties, in this region. Once a description, made by Mayor Bolanos, the representatives of these NGOs, are surprised that to include in this process, the Law 7501, as well as the Albanian state as "owner".

According to the mayor, Vasilis Bolanos, the process has begun and the municipality that he represents, has started the activity of registration of property and land, in collaboration with Albanian contractors, funded by the EU, under the auspices of OSCE.
But although the expected response in the future days of Himara NGOs in the diaspora, the involvement of law 7501, is considered unacceptable, before the fact that of 20 years these NGOs, the Albanian government have struggled to change this law, which has divided families in Himara.

However, the non-negotiable item, along with Law 7501, is included in the process of the Albanian State. Bolanos has shocked the representatives of NGOs originating Himara, the Albanian government has taken control of property Himara inventory, and specifically an area of about 82% of its entire territory, which belong to the pastures, forests, meadows of communities, religion and villages.

Such an attempt to Tirana, wants to provoke people of Himara, and this invasion will be considered, on the contrary, the Albanian government to prove where it has found no documentation proving that the property in Himara, to the fact that the Albanian state, is created by the Great Powers in 1913, and the fact that Himara has been an independent territory with its institutional laws (Venom) particularly during the Ottoman regime.

"The Himara Community", "Coastal Association, NGOs and others, which represents communities in Himara Region, will meet soon, to hold opinions with respect to the latest challenges in this recording, perhaps can be proposed blockage of the process, although administrative elections held over the coming months.

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