Monday, September 13, 2010

Reactions in Tirana, for the declaration of PM Papandreou

In Tirana, have erupted in different reactions, on behalf of Albanian nationalism. With the exception of Foreign Minister Ilir Meta, all other politicians declare that Papandreou has violated the integrity of Albania, after intervenes in internal affairs of Albania.

Ilir Meta: The Relations Albania - Greece are excellent and will remain such also in the future. We are determined to fight every extremist element, which seeking to derail, the harmony between the two countries. We think that the case in Himara is isolated and has no impact on our relationship"

Besnik Mustafaj former Foreign Minister, "The Intervention of George Papandreou threatened by membership of Albania to European Unions, constitutes a flagrant violation of internal affairs of Albania. Does not depend by Geoge Papandreou the Albania's membership to the European Union. the Himara process, is in Court and as such we should expect that we deal with ethnic killings or not."

Sabri Godo: "The Albanian government should send a note to Greece to protest for Prime Minister Papandreou declarate, who interferes into internal affairs of Albania, considering Himara, stated that inside the minority area. This is a dangerous precedent showing us all that the albania's future to European cours, depends from Greece.

Pellumb Xhufi: "It is unacceptable that after a month, Greek Prime Minister Papandreou, remembers to declare for Himara case, making threats that neither the time since the time of the Greek nationalist Elefteros Venizellos, not been made for Albania's integration in the European Union. The murder of an Albanian citizen in Himare, is not a matter for Greece since such incidents often happens in Albania
even against the Albanians in Greece".

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