Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Frigate "Aegean 460" of Hellenic Navy, will observe Memorial ceremony

Himara, Latest News

According to latest news, a Greek frigate located in north of Corfu will monitor any incident that may occur in Himara, on the occasion of the commemoration, the murder of Aristotle Goumas.

According Defense sources, The Frigates "Aegean 460" equipped with a helicopter and special forces squad, will monitor together with NATO, any purposeful movement of Albanian paramilitaries, who want to increase the wave of incidents on the Greek population in Southern Albania and specifically in the region of Himara.

The Albanian media reported that in Himare will come, thousands of citizens from Northern Epirus accompanied by a group of Greek politicians and high ranking, and for this purpose, "the Albanian police, has raised a series of measures."

In almost all political rallies held in Himare, the Paramilitaries Albanian nationalists, have used violence to terrorize the local population and this fact, it appears that the measures are taken by the Greek side in cooperation with NATO.

NATO has delegated the air space of Albania, to be protected under Greek and Italian, F-16 contigent air forces, since Albania joint NATO Alliance.

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