Friday, July 9, 2010

American scenarios: partition of Kosovo?

"The best solution for Serbia is seeking the partition of Kosovo," said Stephen Meyer, a professor at the Political Security and National Defense University in Washington. "Belgrade", says the agency «Makfax», «must first recognize the Kosovo's independence, south of the Ibar river, while ground north of the Ibar (Ibar) be declared Serbian, "said Meyer in an interview at the Serbian magazine" Nin ". The American professor said that Belgrade should send military and police units north the Ibar, not a race, but by helping to ensure peace and protection of Serbs in those areas.

Stiven Meyer a CIA expert, said that the Serbian government should then insist on a new draft resolution the United Nations to guarantee the lives and property of Serbs south of Ibar. Showed, indeed, the view that the request of Serbia to the International Court of Justice to resolve the Kosovo problem was a naive decision of Belgrade. "Unless, of course, if the government is seeking a scapegoat for the loss of Kosovo," said Meyer the reporter of 'Nin'.

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