Monday, July 5, 2010

Albanians in FYROM: We Want join with Albania

The Albanians of FYROM are seeking to joint Albania!"The exchange of land between Kosovo and Serbia is a risky proposition for all countries in the region," says the Albanian newspaper in FYROM. According to Former Prime Minister of Macedonia, Vlado Buckovski, Macedonia, a country that suffered the greatest impact from a potential 'commercial' exchange of Pristina to Belgrade to the Kosovo region, North Presevo.

The Buckovski believes that the only way to preserve the borders of the Balkans is to integrate the region into NATO. "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was the main loser in such a case. As things came from the Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, must know that this time is the number 'A' priority of the country is to join NATO in order to prevent this from happening, "said Buckovski. According to Chairman of the party BDK Kosovo Chousni Shakira, this is a Serbian political scenario.

"The exchange of land is a game of Serbia. The politicians in Kosovo to show wisdom and not fall victims of this policy because there can be no dialogue on the territorial status of Kosovo. The region of Presevo is ours, which was captured by the Serbs since 1912, "said Shakir (Shaqiri). However, it will add the Shakira that a possible division of Kosovo, Albanians in Macedonia will seek to unite with Kosovo or Albania. If the Macedonians do not want to coexist with the Albanians, through a referendum issue could be resolved, "said the Shakira.

The former interior minister, Lubomir Frckovski, said such a scenario, an exchange of territories "will make Bosnia" Macedonia. Albanian historian Ramiz Abdul will highlight: "Such a scenario, change the border, would cause a major fire that could spread beyond the Balkans"

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