Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Greek economic situation and the impact of Albanian and Macedonian relations

by Constantine Holevas
Political analyst

Anyone watching the FYROM and Balkan issues remembering the history of Bulgarian nationalism in Macedonia used the Greek crisis of the 1890s. In 1893, just a year in which Xarilaos,Trikoupis admitted that "unfortunately, Bulgaria established the EME (Macedonians Revolutionary Organization), known as the first Bulgarian V.M.R.O.

This organization took over the propaganda against Greece and played a key role in Makedonian race. Today this name has two commas. One in Skopje, which govern, and a small in Bulgaria. In 1898 after the Greco-Turkish war and the imposition of the Greece of the International Audit, then just founded in Sofia in Makedonian revolutionary committee. Its name derived with gunmen who clashed with the local Greeks of Macedonia and the volunteers who came from free Greece.

History thus teaches us to be careful because our problems are many happy and try to exploit the situation. Especially in our relations with FYROM and the name issue I think for many other reasons the time is inappropriate for any negotiation. First, because the crisis has weakened the image of Greece as a strong economic partner in Skopje. Second, because despite the Greek retreat and formal acceptance of a composite name, no recession seen from Skopje. Thirdly, because we are in a phase aggressive against pseudo Macedonian nationalism.

It is telling that the new Ambassador of FYROM at the Vatican is a close associate of schismatic "Orthodox Church in Macedonia, which is not recognized by any Orthodox Church. This shows that Skopje intend to use every means, even the Church ", built by Tito for international propaganda.

The fourth reason for caution is required as the revival of Albanian irredentism in Kosovo triangle-FYROM and Serbia. If implemented Kosovo, goes to Skopje in the scenario, FYROM likely be divided. So why Greece continues to discuss the assignment name, history and culture in a state that does not know if there will be day after tomorrow?

Recent news informs us that on May 11, 2010 the Albanian militants were killed in crossfire with the police near Skopje in FYROM border with Kosovo, one of the most serious incidents of ethnic violence after armed break 2001. In their possession was found a large quantity of arms and badges with the symbols of UCK, the known us since 1999 the Albanian Liberation Army. Two of the dead were citizens of FYROM, Albanian, and the third Albanian residents of Kosovo.

The truck found three grenade launchers, three grenades, bags, six bags of TNT explosives, rifles accuracy, mines and ammunition. A week before this incident, the Skopje police had discovered four caches with large amounts of Albanian weapons in the same area, but the guards weapons escaped. While the streets of Skopje, Albanian NGOs organized demonstrations to demand the equal use of the Albanian language in parliament and the substantial transformation of the state from Slavic "Macedonia" in Albanian and Slavic partnership with many other smaller minorities.

The message of the Albanians in FYROM, which is 30% and encouraged the secession of Kosovo is clear: "If the Slavs of Macedonia did not give us 50% of power, then you fight for the secession of the weapons and we will unite with Kosovar brothers. Of course such a possibility that the Slavs of Skopje will seek support elsewhere and most likely to turn to Bulgaria, which officially regards them as Bulgarians.

The chance to have a few years or split completely in FYROM is great. Besides the U.S. in the Albanian factor help more because of the area population. It will be very upset by the split of Fyrom. In the Balkans the U.S. are trying to propitiate the Muslim component to balance their approach to the Middle East. Obviously the whole revival of the Albanian projects not only about FYROM. Physics Albania, so-called softer vision of "Greater Albania" has bad intentions to Serbia, Montenegro and to Greece.

Reporters and other visitors from Northern Epirus inform us that they have raised the slogans on the walls for the Cham Propaganda against Greece. The Greek official inaction and lack of response damages our national image. Furthermore it is useful to review the immigration policy of the present government, quite rightly, as requested by Antonis Samaras, for reasons of national security. The massive influx of Albanians and naturalization in our country, may produce minority claims. Not overlooking the peaceful Albanians but nobody can exclude that among the immigrants here are dangerous and nationalists organized .

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