Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greek Minority in protest, blocks the national road

"This is discrimination against the business and economy with ethnic background"

Argirokaster-Representatives of the Greek minority in the South are cast today in a peaceful protest against the government and tax policies.

A convoy of cars are run Kakavija customs point, in protest against the government which is pursuing policies that are discriminatory under the minority and not favorable.

Participates in protest HRUP's head, Vangjel Dule which the government has appealed the Prime Minister Berisha to rethink this category.

"The protest is made for abusive policies pursued by the tax authorities in the South and among minorities. There are dozens of cases, often biased and political order that is leading to bankrupt businesses - Dule said.

According to the protesters, recently wrapped up the activity of a bus transportation company serving the residents of Dropullit for transport to Greece and it is unacceptable to them.

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