Saturday, April 4, 2009

Albania’s independence now ‘secure’ with its membership in NATO, says FM

STRASBOURG – Albania’s new membership in NATO means the tiny Balkan country will never again have to worry about foreign invaders, the foreign minister said. The flags of both Albania and Croatia were raised in front of NATO headquarters after the two countries became the alliance’s 27th and 28th members this week.

The leaders of Albania and Croatia attended NATO’s 60th summit yesterday as full members. “It’s a historic day for my nation, which has fought very hard for its freedom through centuries, most often alone,” Albania’s Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha said in a brief interview.

“The next time our freedom is threatened we’ll have (NATO’s 27 nations) with us,” he said.
Anyway about declaration of the Albanian FM Basha, Albania attacked Greece together with Italian of Mussolini Fascist forces on 28 October 1940 sending to invade his armed battalions to another independent state, Greece. The Greek parliament approved the "State of War with Albania".
Between Albania and Greece there is the Friendly Agreement of 1996, but the law "The State of War with Albania" never has been removed by the Greek parliament, even Albania is became member of NATO alliance.

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