Friday, April 3, 2009


If something is happening in Greece in relation to public order does not appear clear from the Greek media, this will be distributed soon in Albania. This has happened and continues to happen in Albania, where national media broadcast and print media are very attentive to public security order in Greece. The case coincides with the latest development when two police officers were shot in Athens last night, while the Albanian media continues to portray stability in Greece as a phenomenon of Albania in 1997!!!

According to observers thought that not only Skopje but also Tirana are doing same thing sensitive to report against Greece, but Athens continues silence to explain what is really happening in Albania and FYROM. According to sources from Hellenic national security in Greece, 80% of crimes committed in Greece from immigrants, but politics continues to conceal the truth of the facts. Up to date according to police sources, from 100 to arrest for violent protests in Greece, about 80 of them have origin immigrants from Albania.

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