Monday, February 16, 2009

Greece, debates on national issues requested by LAOS

Conducting pre-agenda debate on the Greek national issues sent in a letter of request to the chairman of the Greek Parliament, Demetrios Sioufas by the chairman of LAOS Georgeos Karatzaferis.

"There are new developments of our national issues, creating the impression that the government passively monitor the events, just the government is trying to manage the intern problems of the country forgetting the national interests of the Greek policy" notes in his letter Mr Karatzaferis.

Among other things, the President of LAOS refers to pressures for the reintroduction of the Annan plan in Cyprus for evacuation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants "official with responsibility of Turkey", issue for the name of Skopje, to remove property homogeneous of Greeks in Albania, etc. says Mr. Karatzaferis.

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