Thursday, January 15, 2009

Greece ratifies the SAA between Albania and EU
Albanian Foreign Ministry,
Press Release

The Greek Parliament considered and voted the law passed by the Greek government for the Agreement of the Stabilization and Association between the European Communities and member states, on one side, and the Republic of Albania, on the other side. The ratification of this agreement is a real testimony of the fully support of Greece, as a neighboring country, as well as that of the other friendly community countries give to the reforms undertaken at home, as a strong encouragement for their deepening in the future.

We express our belief that the spirit of cooperation, in framework of the common European family, will contribute to the further intensification of the Albanian- Greek relations, towards the strengthening of the friendship between our two peoples, to the benefit of peace, security and prosperity in the region.

With the ratification of the SAA by the Helen state, conclude all the procedures of ratification by the member countries, by paving the way now to entering into force of the SAA. Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to all the member countries for the ratification of SAA and expresses its belief that these countries will provide their support to the sooner integration of Albania into European family.

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