Monday, January 12, 2009

Events for the 18th anniversary of "Omonia"

The 18th anniversary of its founding yesterday celebrated the political organization of the Greeks of Albania "Omonia". The events held in Dervitsiani, head of the Greek minority in the prefecture of Gjirokaster, where the leaders of 18 years ago found "illegality" from persecution for the structures of the communist regime and decided it was founded.

The events honored by the presence of the Greek Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis, members of the Greek parliament and the Greek origin of the Albanian parliament members, representatives of the diplomatic corps in Greece to Albania, member of "Omonia" and the Human Rights Union Party ( KEAD), which represents the political "collaboration" in the Albanian parliament and other guests.

Referring to 18c yaers course of "Omonia", the speakers highlighted the historic importance of its establishment, the successes, but also its weaknesses, stressed the need to play the "Omonia" to developments in the country and the region and welcomed the support organization on the European course of Albania.

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