Wednesday, August 7, 2019

"Bolton's visit to Serbia depends on Pristina"

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Serbia's Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed that the US President's National Security Advisor John Bolton might visit the region in late August


Dacic stated that there are good prospects for Bolton's visit to Serbia if there are some positive indications that Pristina might revoke sanctions.

Bolton's visit to Serbia would mean that the Kosovo issue is not a done deal for US, meaning that one side cannot win all at the expense of the other, which in turn means that unilaterally declared Kosovo's independence is on slippery ground, Serbia's Foreign Affairs Chief told daily Kurir.

Official standpoint of the former US Administration was that the Kosovo issue is resolved, and that they are not going to deal with it anymore, transferring Kosovo related issues to the third and fourth ranked officials within US State Department, as Dacic recalled.

He underlines that US standpoint had experienced a serious change.

Dacic claims that in the course of their Washington meeting last month, Bolton informed him personally that the problem of Kosovo, or reaching permanent solution to the Kosovo issue, presents one of their highest foreign affairs priorities.

On the other hand, the US National Security Council hadn't commented on the Serbian media reports that National Security Advisor John Bolton might visit Belgrade and Pristina, the Voice of America reported.

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