Friday, April 6, 2018

Judicial Watch President: Albania's Socialist Party of Edi Rama, is funded directly by SOROS


A major debate has been opened today in the US. There are strong suspicions that millions of USD have emerged from the Obama administration on behalf of the SOROS Foundation, which has been operating for years in Albania.

Speaking of this scandal, the President of "Judicial Watch," said at Tucker Carlson at Fox News that with these money SOROS has funded the Socialist Party of Albania. There are documents, Fitton said that about $ 9 million was spent on political activities in Albania.

"Money went to empower Albania's socialist government," said Tom Fitton at Fox News (see video below). He said a survey conducted in Albania to support judicial reform was funded with this money.
According to him, justice reform in Albania is funded directly by SOROS with the sole purpose of capturing this system by Edi Rama.

He claims that subjects associated with Soros were allowed to advise US foreign policy entrepreneurs outside of Albania.

Judicial Watch announced that six Senator-led Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) lawmakers urged former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to conduct an investigation into the Soros-Albania case..

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