Monday, February 26, 2018

Albanian Media: If Turkey attacks Greece, then Greece invades Albania


Probably the scenarios to reach an agreement between Albania and Greece, and to ratify the Protocol of Friendship between the two countries, does not seem to be the only option. There is another jail that was discovered by the Albanian Media.

According to a national news channel in Tirana, Ora News TV, another scenario to attack Albania from Greece, is possible if Turkey attacks Greece. The well-known journalist for conspiracy theory, Kastriot Myftaraj, thinks this may happen if Turkey, due to the islands disputed from Greece in the Aegean, for partitioning some areas, may serve Turkish military circles to attack islands near Turkey .

As a cause, to attack Albania on the part of Greece, Myftaraj took a picture of the Greek President, Pavlopoullos, coming over a military tank in Ioannina on the occasion of the National Liberation Day of the city. During his speech on the tank, Pavlopoulos referred to the Greek borders for which the Greek army is stronger than ever to fulfill its mission.

But, in the opinion of journalist Myftaraj, he further adds that if the border agreement with Greece is fails, this may be a cause for Athens to be ready for a B scenario in the Balkans.
"But what is not known is the fact that the extent to which Greece is likely to invade Albania, South Albania, or above, concludes the analysis on Ora News TV. 

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