Thursday, February 18, 2016


A brieffing analisy of the geopolitical tensions in Southern Albania

Unfortunately, the situation in Northern Epirus in particular, a region that the final settlement has been referred formally to the Council of Foreign Ministers of the four Great Powers - winning the Second World War, such are Russia, USA, France, England (like the issue resolved most of reunification of Germany on 1946 of Peace Conference of Paris), actualy is a tragic situation and has moved away to Athens.


In Gjirokaster. The Municipality claimed by the Orthodox Church a great plot, just outside near the city center and next to the road-Kakavias Gjirokaster, refusing to give permission to build the orthodox cathedral ! The Diocese of Gjirokaster has resorted to court, but the case filibuster on the grounds that the alleged Albanians want to turn this land into green land fill. And for three years or more, refuse to bring the case issuing a permit for building construction in this area, the relevant Town Planning Council!

And after having had so many pressures and struggle to bring the matter there, the Town Planning Board without allowing dialogue and without taking into account the technical data provided by the engineer of Metropolis, rejected the request! NIVITSA - KAKOMAIA Are far worse things in the coastal area of Northern Epirus, where this year's November (2008) marked by the desperate effort of the inhabitants of the village Nivitsa (slightly ahead of the Holy Forty), to preserve their land but also the Orthodox heritage Kakomaias in the beach, where it is the monastery. The demonstrations began when The natural and scenic bay of Kakomaias between Flounder and the Holy Forty vehicles and machinery company which illegally licensed tourist complex building, tried to enter the area to start work. The Greek inhabitants of the village gathered and blockaded the road leading to fights initially created by the Albanian police and then with men of private security Albanian Manufacturing Company, which together appear to be former prisoners and Wanted! The unauthorized fights resulted mikrotrafmatismous even elderly men and women and arrest 9 people out of which 4 were in custody. Among those arrested was the Dimogerontas of the village, Cleomenes Bantzaris. Tourism investment has designed the famous and unsuspecting French Club Med, which planned to build a large, modern tourist resort 700 acres, with a capacity of 700 beds, with 350 ultra villas, swimming pools, locations sport, shops, cinema, with a budget totaling 75 million Euro, in an area that also belongs to Voreioipeirotes! The tourist resort even planned to operate for six months every year! The Club Med had entrusted the manufacturing part (building) in the Albanian Riviera, which tried to start guys with illegal projects, which have all the comfort to «legitimate» every so often arbitrary and provocative Tirana, trying to grab each and every right katatyrannismenous future of the Greeks of Northern Epirus and their children! Expected escalation of Albanian atrocities across the coastline Northern Epirus, after Tirana already chosen a French-Croatian company to carry out a research program in Tourism, ypostirigmeno by the World Bank, aiming to attract 1.25 million visitors in the region until 2012 ... It will be recalled, however, that in 1984, senior employee of Club Med had admitted shooting by border guards of the Albanian coast, when they attempted to press on shore after diving in the same bay of Kakomaias ... The Foreign Ministry does not know ... Nevertheless, while it was in progress Voreioipeiroton demonstrations of their final phase from 22 November and had already been incidents and arrests, the Greek Foreign Ministry appeared not to know anything on 27 November! Admire the responses to Inform Journalists: «Mr. KALARRYTIS: In Chimara, than denouncing the Union Chimarioton, there is again underway by the Albanian Government a firm handles property belonging to Greek repatriates minority. And even the Chimariotes complain that they have left their homes and go to their farms in order to protect the company from which the government has recruited and make the purchase. Is there any comment? Will be some intervention from the Greek Government? Mr. G. KOUMOYTSAKOS: At times, the people of Greek origin Chimaras have faced some serious, some less serious problems relating to the security of their property. Without this moment I have the information to which you referred speaking more from my experience, having served in our Embassy in Tirana, I know that in all such cases the Greek Embassy immediately and do all acts, have direct contact with the Albanian authorities to deal with these phenomena newest If there is something on this, you know. »Athens 27/11/2008 The comments are redundant, but also show that Voreioipeirotes have nothing to expect from the official Athens, as indifferent to everything ... everything ...

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