Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interview of The General Secretary of Greek Foreign Ministry Georgios Tsipras to the Albanian TV Vizion Plu

During this interview, Tsipras has analyzed, the good friendly Relations between Greece and Albania and opportunities to add further good spirit, which is linked to the respect of the ethnic Greek minority and Albanian immigrants in Greece.

Meanwhile, not knowing what talks held Tsipras for the situation of the Greek minority in the Region of Himara, for which there is an escalation tough in practice, by the government, by destroying the assets of Greek residents, as well as charges of extortion of property and favoring Albanian oligarchs.

However, the visit of Tsipras, is considered important by the fact that he is the person close to the Prime Minister Tsipras and both are from the region of Epirus.

Also today, Omonia, The Greek Political Organizations in Albania,  has made a strong statement, which parallels the Albanian police attacks against the destruction of Greek properties of Himara, as "ethnic cleansing".

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