Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greece abandons the agreement on the border with Albania, but requires an Autonomous Status for South

Greece has decided to "Veto" for a progress report for Albania and Macedonia (FYROM) due to changes of its national policies in respect of these two countries.

With the help of diplomacy in Washington and Brussels, speaking for an Autonomous Status between the Protocol of Corfu and in areas where living things Greek population, officially unknown by the government of Tirana. Orthodox Church, is the factor having a special status even in the South. .

Changes in the national policies of Greece, reflect some divergence in issues with FYROM and Albania, for which it decided to postpone Athens with "veto" the EU progress report, for both countries.

Himara, occupies the leading place in all the geopolitical issues, which require attention ..

In exchange for the assist for the recognition of Kosovo, Greece will not hinder or FYROM in NATO, but will insist with Tirana, resolve the status of Greeks in the south of Albania even where they are not known to self-determination minority areas..

Some days ago, Foreign Minister Niko Kotsias, dismissed the ambassador of Athens in Brussels, for which according to the Greek press, is shown indifferent "to protect national toll policy of Greece. The EU, immediately canceled the progress report on both countries, as regards Greece, decide as a border what will decide in a report expected to be released soon.

Sources from Athens, speak for immediate diplomatic escalation between Albania and Greece, in the light of European perspectives, assisted by Washington and Brussels. According to information, Greece will not prevent Macedonia from joining NATO, trying to find yet a consensus on the name, helping Kosovo for membership and recognition of its official, but from Tirana are expected solution geopolitical coordinated as activation of International agreements such as the Protocol of Corfu known officially by Albania ,, as the right to self-determination a status for the Greeks in the south of Albania, having the strong role of the Orthodox Church.

Interesting is the fact that the main role of developments, issues plays as Himara, which especially after the collapse of the Church of Agia Athanassios and the enormous problems of ownership, Territorial Division and ethnic identity, has become a strong reference to clashes between Tirana, Washington and Athens.

The report is expected to come up in the middle of November, will include many of the above items, for which Albania needs to change the Constitution ..

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