Saturday, June 7, 2014

Defencenet: E.Venizelos committed to Albania's EU and these "exchange" does not approve the agreement EEZ?

The Greek geopolitical portal,, calls Athens to block Albanian Eu perspective, since the country does not respect the Maritime Borders..

In a new national "Waterloo" leads the country E.Venizelos who supported the integration of Albania into the EU without the necessary exchange of ratification of the known 2009 agreement by which the Karamanlis government had delimit the EEZ with the Albanian state.

Then the agreement was not accepted by the Constitutional Court of Albania, after Toure pressures and interventions.

Once dozen times Athens has committed publicly via FM E.Venizelou usual suspect that in June Tirana will get the status of candidate country to the EU, in the neighboring Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushatti asked on 28 May by prosecutor to investigate whether there is an offense of treason by Lulezim Basha who negotiated the 2009 agreement on maritime zones!

This means that the Albanian government not only does not intend to ratify the agreement by Parliament, but not even want to be complemented by a protocol, such as Athens sought to close pending.

The Greek government, therefore, has publically committed to advance the European perspective of Albania, is now trapped, while many European countries was negative in giving status of candidate country to Albania now have a coalition in favor of following the "diligent" efforts of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

The commission recommends to grant Albania candidate status for accession to the EU, said European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule.

"Based on our findings, we affirm without any doubt and without any condition or reservation recommendation be given to Albania status of candidate country," said Fule speaking from Tirana.

Albania has asked to receive the status of candidate country since 2009.The tense political situation, however, the lack of measures against corruption and crime and a weak judicial system of the country, stood constricts the European course of Tirana.

And today, as in 2009, diplomatic sources "see" manipulation of the Albanian government of Turkey, which affects the same Prime Minister Eddie Rama.. He did not know then that Turkey is behind the "curtain" undermine the agreement, and that essentially Edi Rama act as mouthpieces of Ankara? Why then pledged without having imposed the legitimate interest of the State to enter Albania in the EU, with our own blessings?

He understood the E.Venizelos that is Greek FM? Because until now is the best FM all countries have opposing interests of the Greek state. Needless to say that this sea area believed to have rich deposits of hydrocarbons.

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