Friday, November 8, 2013

Government-President conflict erupts

Government-President conflict erupts
A conflict between the President and the Albanian government has just erupted.

A few minutes ago, the Albanian President has rejected the Parliament’s decision for the “Normative Act of the Civil Employee”. The decision was announced on the president’s website, together with a letter sent to all Parliament Members with the respective arguments.

“The main reason that drove me to reject this law and return it to the Albanian Parliament, is based on the respecting of a very important legal norm hierarchy. As an act with a special legal power, the law has the highest place (after the Constitution) in the hierarchy of the legal acts, and as such it should be amended or repealed only through another law, and not through a normative act. The creation of these precedents would put in question the legal order and the rule of law”, President Nishani declared.

According to the President, if the Normative Act will pass, there will be a violation of article 84.4 of the Constitution, which foresees the consent of the Albanian President before it enters in act.

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