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Raising again the etnic tensions, between Albania and Greece 

AK: Agimi i Artë ta fiksojë mirë, se në Shqipëri do i digjet toka nën këmbë

Red & Black Alliance: Golden Dawn, do not touch Albania, you will burn the earth under their feet

Red and Black Alliance reacted today to the Greek party statement, where the Golden Dawn, except protective response after its request for the removal of Archbishop Anastasios, listed a variety of insults and provocations for the Albanian nation.R&B says that is a party that seeks good neighborly relations in the region, but no relationship with the Nazi party, seeking to extend metastasis in the Albanian state. By R&;B, the Golden Dawn should fix better than in Albania will burn the earth under their feet and sneezing of the Greeks, the maximum can scare the Berisha government.

Red & Black Alliance, said it will include the Cham issue in the party's agenda.Below the full statement of Prof. Dr. Lisen Bashkurti, Foreign Relations Secretary in the Red and Black Alliance party:"Greek Nazis of Golden Dawn, call the Albanian nation as "Cacak nation "that does not" boast "consider" a nation made by Italy, by American Zionists, and the Ottoman Empire. "Greek Nazi Golden Dawn called "baseless and wild Albanian request to Cham issue" and warn that "will open their branches within the political borders of the Albanian state in Himara, Tepelenë, Gjirokastër and Saranda." 

Against this political attack and media orchestrated by Greek Nazis against the Albanian nation, the Berisha government shut demonstrating its servile subjection to Athens and Greek Nazis.Red and Black Alliance is born to meet god Albanian nation, Albanians throughout the world and to protect the identity, values ​​and our interests by any force that threatens them. Red and Black Alliance is proud of the support they have given historical and prospective allies, the United States of America, Italy and Turkey and is determined to be strategic allies forever.Red and Black Alliance said suggests Greek Nazi Golden Dawn that the Albanian nation is the nation's oldest, most cultured and most pro-European in the Balkans and has nothing in common with the Greek nation bankrupt politically, economically, institutionally morally nationally and internationally. 

 Greek Nazis can not transfer their state failure in Albanian lands and in relations with Albania.Red and Black Alliance was Greek Nazi suggests that as a political party and the more red and black government tomorrow, will include in the agenda of our national and international political and diplomatic solution of the issue of Cham as a matter of right and legitimate nation.  

The decisions of this parliament for not adopts resolution on Chameria, we will approve next parliament with red and black votes.Finally Red and Black Alliance warns Greek Golden Dawn Nazis do not tend to spread Nazi metastasis within the political borders of the Albanian state, because the Red and Black Alliance will make recall the tragic loss the Battle of Lëkurs in the beginning of the last century, leaving the bone Greek fascists of Metaxa in our territories during World War II and the Greek monarcho-fashsits, the fatal failure in the South, were displayed in 1949. 

Red and Black Alliance is for good neighborly policy, but based on the relationship of mutual respect and mutual interests. Greek Nazis to fix well in mind, that in Albania was burn the earth under their feet and that would just scare Greeks sneezing nationals Berisha government, but the nation never Albanian people ".

Golden Dawn provokes Albanians
Top Channel TV

Golden Dawn provokes Albanians
Through a highly offensive article that evokes hate, the Golden Dawn Greek Neo-Nazi provoked once again not only the common Albanian citizens, but the entire Albanian nation.

This article came after the Red and Black Alliance publicly asked the Orthodox Archbishop to leave Albania peacefully,  by defending the Autocephalous Albanian Church and the Orthodox religion.

The article starts with epithets that sow ethnic hate by considering the Albanians a nation of frightened and ragged bandits that are threatening the Archbishop, taking advantage by the weakness of what they consider the puppet government of Athens. Golden Dawn declares that the requests for the Albanian Chameria are unfounded and wild.

The article says that the Albanian nation was created by the Italians and that today is supported by the "Zionist American Factor". They consider Albania the remains of the ottoman empire in the ancient Greek land of Illyria. Golden Dawn states that the Greek Nationalists will return order, and as regards the neighbors (Albanians) who pride with their 100 years of independence, they say that it will just take for Greece to sneeze and the last Albanian in the world will shut his mouth.

According to the article, the Greek army liberated the Northern Epirus in 1940 and by then they did not encounter any Albanian army, but only bandits who went after the Italian army and were known only for avoiding battles and defecting. He added that the Greek nationalists have what to be proud about, different from the Albanian ones.

The propaganda article rejects that the Golden Dawn and the Red and Black Alliance are equal type of parties. They trumpet that time will come when they will found branches of this party in Korce, Himara, Delvine and Tepelena, satisfying this way the request for military Helenisation of the Northern Epirus.


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