Thursday, September 27, 2012

Berisha, ready to attack properties of  himariotes

An action warned to Ionian coast, is to start next week, under the name, "to clean up the beaches, from abusive constructions".

The news was given by families himariotes, which have taken notice, for the demolition of buildings, which are located near public beaches.

It is sure, that the attack on the destruction of objects of  himariotes, is deeply political, as "National Inspectorate of Construction" is an institution that belongs Cameria party, within the coalition of the government of Berisha, a political profile which has targeted its rhetoric against the Greek National Community, especially, the Himara Region.

Meanwhile, there is one more reason to think that cleaning the beaches of the Himara Region, linked to concessions that Berisha government has given to persons to stimulate the Albanian national strategy for assimilation of Himara population, implemented projects to encourage investment Albanian nationalist deeply Himara.

According to sources from Himara, the Greek government is following closely every event that is currently happening in Himara.

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