Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is Greece one step away from the "hot" crisis-NATO- Russia?

New Strategy Report

The recent shooting of Turkish photo-reconnaissance / RF-4E fighter aircraft within the airspace of Syria, it was just a prelude of what is described and the strategy was released in all its dimensions: A clash of giants, so close to both Greece and directly related the Greek national interests that really scare someone to the extent possible, and as the risk before the Greek national interests to be affected by a key way.

With Russia for the first time since the creation of the modern Russian state from Peter the Great, to send two fleets and ground forces in overseas campaign and the West (USA, France and Britain, key) to send aircraft carriers by sea and land special forces by land, for a few things can be optimistic as regards the predominance of reason in the region. And all this, of course, with many leading international analysts believe the conflict likely to sweep along or start from Iran!

Of course, there are many unclear points from this very fact of the shooting of the Turkish RF-4E that was the fuse in the last act of the drama. Throughout this scene says the extensive survey by the Strategy which is based on elements of Greek military Staffs larger centers and strategic information.Elements that will really surprise you as to the facts of the incident of the shooting and in Itch predictions of what will happen in the region.

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