Saturday, April 14, 2012

Albania: Sali Berisha, to the way for President for the third time

Although it is early to talk, the biggest surprises to the Albanian politics, is the choice of president of the Republic, which expires in July coming up.

But Sali Berisha, who is Prime Minister of the country, which held only 71 votes (69 votes, has the opposition) will try a third term for President.

Source comes from diplomatic analysis based in Tirana and Washington, for which Berisha, is the right person to lead Albania, regardless of any time or change Balkan balance, including the union territories with the Albanians.

"If there will be progress in Albania to benefit a candidate country for European Union, Sali Berisha, has shown the power to set contribute proceeding of the country especially in the activity of Albanian courts, but if the strategies differ in terms of territories of Albanians in one State, Sali Berisha, be to uniting their aspirations, "says the source.

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