Wednesday, March 7, 2012

President: Berisha, communist since 1968

President: Berisha, communist since 1968
The Albanian President, Bamir Topi, launched a series of accusations towards Prime Minister Berisha.

The accusations came one day after Berisha attacked Topi from a ceremony that commemorated the communist victims. The Prime Minister declared that the President had refused to sign the Lustration Law that would reveal the communist crimes.

The Albanian Head of the State declared that in the last 22 years, Berisha has been promising compensation to the former owners and the former politically persecuted people, but he has never realized anything. The President also urged the Prime Minister to explain his position as a registered member of the Communist Party since 1968, and the many photos that have showing the him in the company of many communist political bureau members of that time. President Topi added that he has signed a draft with Pandeli Majko for the Lustration, which was deformed and turned into an anti-Constitutional law.

“Naturally, I am aware of the declarations and the organized attacks. Even after having many people accusing me, I have kept an institutional profile and I have never taken them in consideration. But when the Prime Minister is the one launching the accusations, I certainly have an answer. As for the law in question, it is a law that was returned by the Constitutional Court as anti-constitutional. It is a law that was harshly criticized by the Commission of Venice and the international partners. As for the moral of the law, I have signed, together with Mr. Majko, a draft-law that was never approved by the Parliament. That law still deserves to be passed, rather then getting deformed and becoming anti-constitutional. There is also one other thing related with moral. You know that those who launch accusations should first explain the many photos that have surfaced, which show him with the Political Bureau members in the communist period. This character has taken the physiognomy and character of David Copperfield. He has turned into an illusionist. He has been promising for the last 22 years that he will return the properties to the former owners, and he hasn’t achieved it. He has been saying to the politically persecuted people for the last 22 years that he will compensate them, and he hasn’t realized it, while it was the first obligation to be realized. This has been the program of the Democratic Party, for which we were voted in 2005, and for which we fought in a battle based on principles. This cannot be realized only with declarations. He has had all the opportunities. He has been in power for the last seven years, for the second time, and hasn’t made it possible. He accuses people who have no relation with the dictatorship, but that have suffered from the regime, while he was a member of the Communist Party and Party Secretary since 1968. He has been telling communist tales for the last 22 years and has never compensated the persecuted people, although he has all mechanisms in his hands. Now you tell me where the truth lies. Once again, I favor opening the files of the communist period, and rest assured that everyone will be surprised with the things that might come out, even for the people involved in politics”, the President declared.

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