Saturday, March 10, 2012

Government, measures for tourist season

Government, measures for tourist season
The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, asked in the meeting of the Working Group for Water and Canalizations to give absolute priority to the conclusion of the canalization and processing implant works, especially in tourist areas.

“The biggest achievement is that today, based on the achievements of the Ministry of Public Works and the Albanian Development Fund, more than 95% of the Albanians have tap water in their houses, naturally, not 247. The access in canalizations has increased with 55% in the last years. In case of a new reality that needs improvements for the canalizations and processing of waters, we must take an energetic reaction”, Berisha declared.

“The Environment Ministry should practice harsher measures against those who do not treat the respective problems of septic pits on legal bases. We must create a new mentality, a new practice in their stances. We are building a series of implants and we need to make everything for accelerating the works and that the agreements are implemented with great care. It requires our complete commitment for making them functional in Durres, Vlore, Saranda, Velipoja, Golem and other places”, Berisha declared.

The Socialist leader reacted immediately after on Twitter, saying:
“Each March there are speeches for canalizations, on the verge of the tourist season, and each summer there are illegal constructions and septic pits for tourists.”

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