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1997 rebellion in Albania

10 Civil War Days

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Evacuation of U.S. citizens during Operation Silver Wake
Date March 1997
Location Albania
Result New Parliamentary Elections[1]
Albania Rebels Albania Government of Sali Berisha

ItalyItalian Armed Forces (Operation Alba)
GermanyGerman Armed Forces (Operation Libelle)
United States United States Armed Forces (Operation Silver Wake)
Greece Greek Armed Forces (Operation Alba) and humanitarian aid[2]

Commanders and leaders
Rebels leaders

AlbaniaSkënder Gjinushi
AlbaniaGramoz Ruci
AlbaniaZani Çaushi
AlbaniaAlbert Shyti

AlbaniaLeka I

AlbaniaArben Imami
AlbaniaRidvan Peshkëpia

AlbaniaNeritan Ceka

Governement allies

AlbaniaSali Berisha
AlbaniaBashkim Gazidede
AlbaniaSafet Zhulali

Germany Col Henning Glawatz
Greece Lt Col Dimitrios Tzimanis[3]

AlbaniaUnknown Albania 30.000 soldiers

Italy 7.000 soldiers (ALBA) Greece 803 soldiers[4][5]
Germany > 100 soldiers (Libelle)

Casualties and losses

3800, civilians and members of army, police and secret police
Part of 1997 rebellion in Albania.
Fighting Groups
Forum for DemocracyCommittee of Public SalvationGovernment of National SalvationOperation AlbaVolunteer Forces
Gangs of 1997
Gang of ÇoleGang of GaxhaiGang of Altin DardhaGang of Pusi i MezinitGang of CërrikGang of LushnjeGang of TepelenaGang of Haklaj Family
Massacres in 1997
Massacre of 28 February 1997Massacre of Qafë-GjashtaMassacre of LevanMassacre of CërrikMassacre of Ura Vajgurore
Tragedies of 1997
Tragedy of OtrantoTragedy of Qafë Shtama
Stealing of Krraba State TreasuryStealing of Northern State Treasury
Rescue missions
Operation Silver WakeOperation Libelle
6 March 19979 March 1997
UN Resolutions
Resolution 1101Resolution 1114
Important events
Opening of the depotsDesertion of 4 March 1997Attack of 7-8 March 1997 on GjirokastërVisit of Romano ProdiAlbanian parliamentary election, 1997Albanian monarchy referendum, 1997
See also
Pyramid schemes in AlbaniaRole of media in 1997Literature on the events of 1997Conspiracy theories about 1997

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During the riots in the city of Vlorë, men broke rocks to hurl them at police.
1997 in Albania

The 1997 unrest in Albania, also known as the Lottery Uprising or Anarchy in Albania,[6] was an uprising sparked by Ponzi scheme failures. Albania descended into anarchy and violence in which the government was toppled and some 2,000 people were killed.[7][8]




Pyramid schemes also known as rentier firms' started their operations in 1991. Their activity was based on obtaining a quantity of

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