Friday, June 24, 2011

Dodik Seeks Serbs' Independence 'Within Bosnia'

The President of Republika Srpska says Bosnia can only survive as a confederal arrangement with most powers devolved to the component units.

Vecernje Novosti
Milorad Dodik
Milorad Dodik

In an interview with Serbian daily newspaper Vecernje Novosti on Friday, Milorad Dodik said that Bosnia cannot continue to exist in the same way as it does now, and needs a different model of internal organisation.

"Bosnia can survive as a territorially united country, but with strong confederate units and with great autonomy for the Republika Srpska up to the level of full independence within Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dodik was quoted as saying.

He went on to say that most people in the Serb entity supported the idea.

“We will demand competences that have been taken away, as well as transferring decision making to lower levels. If someone wants to preserve Bosnia, this is the only way to do it,” Dodik noted.

According to him, only defence, monetary policy and foreign policy should remain at the state level of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Everything else is unsustainable because a centralized Bosnia, dominated by the Muslims, won't work," he said.

The Bosnian Serb leader also said the fact that no government has been formed for months at state level proves that the country is currently unsustainable.

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