Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mega and Omonia: if blocking the census process, we will count our community

TIRANA-The possibille of postponed of census process in Albania, has sparked reaction in Mega Party and leaders of "Omonia" s in Saranda. Greek organizations and the pro confirm their initiative to register themselves Greek Ethnic Community in southern Albania.

Calling the unjustifiable decision to postpone the registration of population leader of the "Mega" Kico Kristaq said it would undertake a serious political action to identify all the Greek Community in Albania and that this result will give the Council parqesë Europe.
Meanwhile Llambi Panteqi, president of the organization Omonia for Saranda, explains that claims do not affect the nationality Omonia today, but it lost during the communist system.

The criterion of self-declaration of nationality and census process of the population, has been a demand which have converged as the organization "Omonia" and the parties representing the interests of the Greek minority, HURP and Mega.

Meanwhile, the President of Omonia, Vasilis Bolanos, expected the coming days to appear in a press conference, in connection with the performance of the census process.

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