Friday, November 12, 2010

Former head of the OSCE: "Yeah, I support "Greater Albania"

Walker in Prishtina to support Albin Kurti

The Skopje media today, the Albanian-speaking and Slavophones, have a prominent place to the statements of William Walker, former head of the OSCE mission in Kosovo in 1999, to support the union of Kosovo with Albania.

According to William Walker, the people of Kosovo and Albania have to jointly face the future.

"Sometimes I think the idea of consolidation is good, other times I'm not too sure. However, I believe that people on both sides have reasons to address this issue. A large portion of the people of Kosovo and Albania are thinking about a common future.

If you believe people are that such a step would be for their own good, then why do not they? "Said Walker, during an interview to "Top Channel TV".

The former head of the OSCE was in Pristina, in Kosovo to support the party of "Self Determination" of Albin Kurti, which promotes the idea of union of Kosovo with the Albanian state.

The Skopje in talking about the proposals of the designer idea of the Natural Albanian, Koço Danaj, proposing the federalism of FYROM and the annexation of the ethnic Albanian part of the Albanian state.

According to a report of the Skopje 'Sitel', the Danai proposes changing the current form of the Skopje state "by passing a Federation under the Ohrid Agreement, which is still in power, while the state of Skopje is finished.

"So first step is to federalism and the subsequent merger with Albania Koco Danaj has proclaimed.

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