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Greece, in real alarm for the Greek community properties in Albania. Mafia, 100 million euros to buy properties with corruption methods

The Albanian newspaper "Shekulli" today on his special edition refereed SManalysis

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The Albanian Mafia has targeted also the properties of George Tenet and Andrew Natsios

The Ionian coast, particularly Drimades, Himara, Lukovo and Saranda, are under mafia attack from Albanian, Kosovo and Russian mafia, to purchase real estate properties in Northern Epirus.

Exclusive Photos: Former CIA Director George Tenet with his mother Evangelitsa Tenet (Katsalanos) during honored ceremony to take the Price 'athina gora" from greek American Lobby in 2004

The Greek national security services, are monitoring the Albanian institutions as how they are given property titles to the Ionian coast, on the verge of recording the properties of the Greek community, from Vlora to Saranda line.

A secret report on the risk of further properties of the Greek community in Albania, came from Washington, has set in motion the Greek government immediately concerning the future of properties of the Greeks in albania. Very reliable sources say that for SManalysis, the Greek Prime Minister Papandreou, has chaired a national security meeting, and one of the main themes have been the situation in Albania which is preparing to immovable properties of the Greek community in Northern Epirus.

The report contains detailed so state in which Albanian, Kosovo and Russian mafia, sported by the Albanian institutions including offices of propriety registration and the notary offices in the southern districts, especially in Vlore and Saranda.

According to the report, even there are top some Directors of The property general office registration from Northern Epirus origin, the Mafia is supporting by structures of Albanian Secret Service SHIK especially by former chief Bashkim Gazidede.

Meanwhile, a scandalous way of proceeding to purchase the property and land in the southern coast, recently the government has alerted not only Greek but also from the U.S. Pan Epirotean Federation, their leaders are originally from Himara and Saranda.

According to the secret report, the Kosovo and Albanian mafia buy with high prices land outside of the market criteria, but also made under the illegal actions.

Meanwhile the Russian mafia, which is also be present was able to purchase real estate on the coast with the same style of corruption of officials of the office registrations. A report of the Albanian secret service, called as danger the Kosovo and the Russian mafia as a phenomenon of high risk for Albanian democracy.

It is not known yet exactly if the Berisha government is involved in a strategy of alienation of this dangerous process of properties but the Greek community is suffering under the Albanian national strategy, but sources say that the style of buying that property from Kosovo mafia resembles a scenario of Kosovo where Serbs have lost properties provided by the mafia in Kosovo.

But sources say that the bad economic situation of immigrants who are in Greece, has inspired the Kosovo and Albanian mafia sets up fund to purchase property that property in the coastal area to raise about 100 million euros, implicated on this case some exponents of associations of emigrants in Greece. Actually the village of Drimades in Himara Region is moor risked by triple mafia.

Meanwhile, under this scenario which is developing in Albania, over also, the Greek Prime Minister Papandreou spoke closely with the chairman of the Albanian opposition leader Edi Rama in Athens.

A month ago, the Greek Foreign Ministry Droutsas, said that Greece is closely monitoring the problem of property to the Greek community in Albania and for each new cast would not stand indifferent about the last dangerous developments in southern Albania.

The Albanian Mafia has targeted also the properties of George Tenet and Andrew Natsios

Former CIA director George Tenet risks to lose the properties of his parents in Himara region by Albanian and Kosovo mafia, if the phenomena could not stops soon as possible. All himarotes families, are including in an incident with Albanian tribunals decision which has given 850 ha to anonymous person in Porto Palermo Area.

Also the former USAID Administrator Andrew Natisos from Saranda origin scientifically is interested to parents properties in Southern Albania, while other exponents of the American Northern Epiriot lobby continues to take information by the State Department and US embassy in Tirana for the new registration properties process, which need to be realized according to old generations property documentation under powerful transparence of OSCE. Other high greek politicans who have old generation properties in Southern albania, are the former Greek President George Stephanopoullos and current President Karolos Papoulias.

Former US State Secretary Collin Powell sent letter to US Ambassador in Tirana for Himara Region Property

The intensification for property transparency for American citizens from Northern Epirus origin has been realized since US Secretary Collin Powell make historic his visit in Tirana in 2003. In addition the Secretary Powell has quested the US Ambassador in Tirana to be replaced some Albanian laws for the rights properties in Southern Albania, especially the Ionian Coast from Vlora to Saranda.

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