Sunday, March 28, 2010

Albania to continue cooperation with Serbia

Albanian Foreign Minister Ilir Meta said that Albania will continue to cooperate with Serbia for the sake of the Albanians in the Preševo Valley.

He said that Tirana will cooperate with Belgrade to improve on the rights and integration of Albanians in southern Serbia.

Meta said that policies of good neighborly relations and regional cooperation play a constructive role in the efforts of the Balkans towards becoming part of the “European family,” the Albanian ATA agency stated.

Meta met with a group of Albanians from the Preševo Valley that study at Albanian universities.

Reminding of his recent visit to Serbia, during which he visited Preševo, Meta said that Serbian officials showed understanding for the concerns of the Preševo Valley residents, and that Belgrade promised to invest efforts in improving their standard of living and their rights through investments in the region.

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