Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seven NATO countries to help Albania

Seven member countries of NATO will bring aid to Albania, which is submerged in its northwestern part. Two neighboring countries, Italy and Greece have offered greater assistance. Italy launches today two helicopters to Albania with a capacity of 47 ACH type transport 37 troops. Likewise, 12 trucks, pumps, boats, tents, generators, food, medicines and clothing.

While Greece has begun to Albania two firemen teams with a staff of 29 persons, 4 cars, together with equipment, 2 boats with motor, powerful pumps 7. They will be accompanied all the way to Shkodra by a team of firemen's station of Gjirokastra and a police patrol road.

According to Ministry of Interior, other countries of NATO have offered assistance. France - 12 pumps and generators 8. "Slovenia, 13 generators (GNR), Austria, 8 generators, Moldova, food and medicines.

NATO helped Albania after he made the request inter-ministerial committee, which specified the aids needed our country. "Continue contacts with other countries to provide assistance mainly in equipment", makes known the Ministry of Interior.

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