Monday, March 2, 2009

Kosovo issue not finished yet, Bolton said

March 2, 2009
Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton said that is not finished yet and will remain so until an agreement acceptable to all sides has been reached. “I think it’s positive there is no violence and ethnic conflict, but there is tension and it will remain a source of tensions until agreement is reached that all sides will accept.” Bolton told the Serbian service of the Voice of America.

Serbia has urged new status talks on Kosovo to commence but the separatists in the province have rejected the initiative. Bolton noted that the Barack Obama’s policy for the Balkans is still unclear but warned that just because the current situation in Kosovo is stable it does not mean that the problem has been solved.

“It is still unclear what the Obama administration policy in the Balkans will be, although the new state of Kosovo has been relatively stable since the independence declaration, this issue is not closed, nor have other issues that are the consequence of the disintegration of former Yugoslavia,” Bolton said.

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