Saturday, November 29, 2008

Press Conference about the properties in Northern Epirus

Athens, Greece, November 29, 2008

About the protest demonstration outside of the Albanian Embassy on Monday, December 1, 2008 ..

The Himara Union in Greece held press conference about the ongoing events in Nivitsa - Kakomaia, Himaras historical province, following the efforts of the Albanian state to robber the land and proprieties of the Greek community of Albania. In a press conference was denunced the mafia efforts to robber the beach Kakomaias which belong to the residents of the village Nivitsa and the Greek Orthodox Church of Albania.

In addition last week, four members of the community including the mayor of the village are currently prisoned after a decision of Tribunal of Saranda under accuse of police Albanian authorities. During the democratic resistence to protect their lands, the villagers of Nivitsas are attacked by an Albanian paramilitary group, terrorizing inhabitants of the region.

The citizens are not opposed to tourism development when it contributes to the greater good of the region and respects the environment, but it is vertically opposed to the illegal seizure and effort of manipulation in progress. The chairman of the World Council Epiroton Mr Chrysostomos Dimu expressed its support of ipeiroton in the world and condemned the manipulation against the Albanian ethnic Greek minority, called to Albania to respect human rights of northern epiriotes and stressed that the road of Albania into the European Union should pass through the full respect of human rights.

The chairman of the Himara Union Mr Fredis Beleris described the political landscape of Albania and the timeless efforts for the depredation of restitution of property of northern epiriotes.

The press conference announced that on December 1, 2008 will be held on 18.00 AM, a protest demonstration outside the Albanian embassy in Philothei observing from OSCE and other european represent insitutions in Athens. Will attended Member of Greek Parliament as L.A.O.S. Party Mr. Thanassis Plevris and the member of general council of ND Mr Babis Karathanos.
sources: Himara Union,
Athens, Greece

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